Tyler Othen

Tyler Othen has served as a Project Manager for over 130 convention and visitor industry assessments spanning a wide range of market sizes across the country. He has led efforts to develop in-depth and critical analysis for investment in convention centers, amateur sports complexes, esports arenas, entertainment districts and other destination developments.

Tyler is also leading CSL’s research efforts regarding the future of the event industry, focusing on the emergence and continued growth of a variety of new event sectors and facilities, including esports. His continued monitoring of global industry trends and extensive outreach to both event planners and facility managers have produced invaluable findings regarding the facility and destination preferences of esports tournaments, robotics competitions, drone races, hackathons, geocaching events, virtual/augmented reality exhibitions, and other such events. Tyler has spoken at a number of travel industry tradeshows regarding the future of live esports events and facilities, and recently participated in a panel discussion at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles on the potential for P3-developed esports venues.

Tyler has served on the Advocacy Committee for Destinations International and continues to act as the esports partner of the Northstar Travel Group.  His work has been featured in a variety of international travel and public assembly publications, including Destinations International, SportsTravel, International Association of Venue Managers, Coliseum and others.