CSL was established for the specific purpose of providing a source of focused research and expertise in the sports, entertainment, hospitality and leisure industries. Members of our firm have been providing services to these specialized industries since the mid-1990’s and have been involved in over 2,000 engagements. We assist our clients from the earliest stages of project planning, ensuring that all decisions are informed ones. Our consultants provide in-depth information, creative solutions to underlying issues, a thorough analysis of financial implications, and various measurements of risk and return surrounding alternative courses of action.

CSL has built its reputation on meeting client needs by delivering quality services that have credibility in the marketplace. Our firm is able to provide these services by drawing upon the years of experience of its professional staff. Consistent involvement in major projects allows our professionals to obtain knowledge of both tangible and intangible components of completed engagements, the reasons for failed efforts, and changes in the marketplace affecting revenue streams for a variety of stakeholders. This experience will help you recognize the issues your project will be facing and efficiently identify solutions to each.

Why CSL?