Travel Portland

Travel Portland selected the project team led by CSL International Vice President Richard Cutting-Miller to produce a Tourism Master Plan for the City of Portland, Oregon, one of the nation’s leading tourism destinations, to identify and articulate a future vision and development strategy for Portland as a vibrant, dynamic, and robust tourism destination 20 years into the future, and beyond.

The team applied proprietary competitive destination assessment research, engaged in significant stakeholder engagement to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, conducted a product and market-match assessment, and produced a visitor appeal assessment of existing tourism assets. The two-year effort to facilitate and produce a Tourism Master Plan for Portland engaged hundreds of stakeholders and citizens.

The visitor destination plan delivered to Travel Portland builds on the city’s identity as a leading leisure and business destination that provides a high-quality unique visitor experience ranging from outdoor recreation to urban adventure to world-renowned culinary scene, craft breweries and wineries. The plan prioritized sustainable tourism growth by identifying preferred future visitors, and planning tourism development around them, in three broad areas of focus (Experiential, Development/ Investment and Advocacy) and through 10 action items for immediate implementation into the city’s planning processes, as well as 16 additional future opportunities for activation as the initial 10 are successfully integrated.

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