Notre Dame Stadium

CSL was hired by the University of Notre Dame to provide a preliminary analysis of the potential demand for suites and club seats at Notre Dame Stadium. The revenue generated from premium seating was anticipated to pay for major concrete repair work at the stadium. In order to estimate demand, CSL compiled information on the premium seating inventory and pricing at comparable universities. Based on the political environment at Notre Dame, it was determined that premium seats would not be pursued. As such, CSL was tasked by Notre Dame to evaluate other revenue sources that could be used to fund the concrete repairs.

In 2013, CSL was re-engaged by the University of Notre Dame to conduct a market and financial feasibility analysis related to a major renovation of Notre Dame Stadium. As part of this process, CSL reviewed the historical operations of Notre Dame Stadium and the football program, assessed the characteristics of the local and regional market, compiled athletic department, donor and premium seating information at major FBS institutions as a means of providing a benchmark from which to assess the potential for new donor and premium seating options at a renovated Notre Dame Stadium, and completed over 400 telephone surveys with University/Athletics donors, football season ticket buyers, and members of the local and regional corporate community to assess their interest in new donor and premium seating options at a renovated Notre Dame Stadium.

Based on the results of the market analysis, CSL made recommendations regarding the market supportable number and type of donor and premium seating inventory, price scaling to maximize demand and revenues, and the appropriate amenity and benefits packages. Subsequent to this analysis, the University engaged CSL to provide sales execution services for the 3,000 to 4,000 new premium seats to be added as part of an approximate $400 million renovation of Notre Dame Stadium.

In 2019, CSL was retained by the University to analyze single-game ticket pricing for the 2020 football season, as well as evaluate the future season ticket allocation process, benefits, and amenities.