New Indoor Hardcourt and Turf Facility

Since 2016, CSL has been engaged with the City of Elmhurst and the Elmhurst Park District to provide feasibility and advisory assistance regarding a potential new indoor amateur sports complex in Elmhurst, Illinois.  Elmhurst is a suburb of Chicago, located 20 miles west of downtown and ten miles south of O’Hare International Airport.  Key areas of focus of the original feasibility study conducted by CSL were indoor sports and recreation facility concepts, including indoor hardcourt, indoor turf, aquatic facility, and multi-sheet ice facility concepts. 

CSL implemented a two-phased, multi-faceted approach to determine the local need for such facilities and whether any potential exists to support ongoing operations through attracting sports tourism activities (tournaments, competitions, and meets).  The first phase of the original study included a local market and existing conditions analysis, competitive and comparable facilities analysis, potential user group surveys, a broad-based online community survey, and other efforts to evaluate market demand, supportable facility program, and usage levels for the facility concepts.  The second phase of the original study built off of these findings to model the projected performance of the identified viable concept scenarios, including estimates of utilization, attendance, financial operations, and economic impacts. 

More recently, to coincide with recent physical facility and site planning advances, CSL assisted Park District Leadership with updates to the competitive and demand analysis, along with new performance projections.