Learfield Sports

Learfield Sports is the multi-media rights holder for over 120 collegiate properties across the country, including Bowling Green State University. Learfield contacted CSL to develop an analytical, scalable approach to the pricing of select premium sponsorship inventory. Their pricing structure was based on historical information and needed a third-party recommendation for updating asset pricing.

CSL provided a pricing analysis for 21 premium assets at 14 top tier university partners. In addition, CSL extrapolated data across 31 university partners. Properties were selected by Learfield and represented a range within the select conferences.

In the report, CSL provided a description of premium signage inventory available. Descriptions provide general background for each asset and could be used to clear up misunderstanding of the sponsorship inventory and/or create uniformity in naming the inventory. The report included high-level information on the conference television agreement, a listing of the conferences’ top 100 media markets, the major sports facilities, the market size/ population and sponsorship comparison data for other sports properties in-market. In addition, CSL analyzed current Learfield asset pricing compared to CSL’s valuation. CSL also provided sales support a sales support document to aid the Learfield sales team with showcasing the value of each premium asset.