Five Flags Civic Center Arena and Theater

In 2017, CSL was retained by the City of Dubuque to conduct an Assessment and Study of the Five Flags Civic Center (FFCC) in order to strategically plan for the future of the FFCC.  The FFCC consists of an entertainment/spectator Arena and a historic performing arts Theater.  Phase One of the study included a comprehensive analysis of the market demand, position and potential for the FFCC.  Specifically, CSL evaluated the FFCC’s product offerings and historical performance, as well as the supporting visitor industry infrastructure present in the Dubuque destination.  This multi-faceted approach focused on the specific needs and characteristics of likely users of a potentially expanded/improved FFCC.  Based on these findings, Phase Two outlined market supportable facility program options, as well as other FFCC-oriented infrastructure, policy and other marketing initiatives that would enhance the FFCC’s competitiveness and performance.  CSL then presented estimates of the key costs and benefits associated with scenarios previously generated. 

In 2019, with the assistance of subconsultant, BetschAssociates, CSL was subsequently engaged to lead a set of additional consulting services involving further investigation and analysis of specific programmatic and development scenarios.  The assistance involved the analysis of detailed site and construction costs, development of conceptual layouts and renderings, comparative analysis of cost/benefit, and analysis of financing and private partner opportunities. 

Originally, in 2002, CSL was hired to conduct a study of the potential future uses for the FFCC.  CSL developed a sampling of potential events that could benefit from new or expanded event facilities at the Center.  CSL then conducted detailed research of competitive and/or comparable venues that have historically hosted these types of events, while concurrently conducting detailed survey research of event organizers to prepare a detailed overview of the market potential for the FFCC.  Ultimately, analyses were conducted to investigate the potential use of the FFCC as an ice facility, a music/entertainment facility, a consumer/festival facility and/or an arts facility.  Recommendations were made regarding physical and operational changes necessary to attract and maintain added FFCC activity that would result in the greatest return-on-investment for the community.