Community First Champion Center Fox Cities

In 2015, CSL assisted the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau comprehensively evaluate the market, programmatic, financial and economic feasibility of a new Indoor Hardwood Sports Complex and an expanded/new multi-sheet Ice Complex in the Fox Cities.  The envisioned facilities would drive new visitation and economic impact to the Fox Cities destination, as well as enhance rental, practice and other special event facility alternatives available for area residents.

In conducting this analysis, CSL implemented a multi-faceted, market-based approach that focused on the specific needs and characteristics of likely users of the potential Indoor Hardwood Sports Complex and expanded/new Ice Complex.  This comprehensive analysis was developed to provide an assessment of the demand for various potential facilities based on detailed research and analysis of daily utilization levels of existing facilities within the local marketplace.

The results of the study provided a detailed assessment of the market potential for an Indoor Hardwood Sports Complex and/or expanded or additional Ice Complex broken down by specific user groups and types (i.e., local residents, schools, competitions and meets, etc.).  From this data, multiple market supportable facility/complex development options and related operating scenarios were analyzed, which quantified the number and type of events and activities, attendance levels, per capita spending, rental charges and other fees, parking rates and other quantifiable measures.

After funding from a variety of stakeholder groups coalesced for the project, in May 2019, the naming rights to the facility were sold to Community First Credit Union.  The Fox Cities Champion Center, offering a combination of ice and hardcourt facilities, opened in late 2019.