City of Scottsdale, Arizona

CSL assisted the City of Scottsdale, Arizona in preparing a comprehensive tourism industry strategic development plan for downtown Scottsdale.  The strategic planning effort included a focus on maximizing both the downtown’s economic performance and the City’s return-on-investment for product development initiatives that significantly improve the unique and authentic visitor experience and industry market share.  The primary goal of the Plan was to identify and prioritize initiatives that better leverage existing destination strengths and mitigate against destination challenges.  CSL focused on visitor industry investment that both continues to grow the existing customer base and that is designed to attract the next generation of visitor. 

CSL led a significant research-based and collaborative initiative that included extensive outreach to destination stakeholders and visitor industry representations nationally.  CSL provided recommendations based around several broad areas of opportunity, including: 

In addition, the Plan included estimates for necessary public services and infrastructure to support increased visitor and population levels, such as parking inventory, bike accessibility, way-finding, walkability, fire/police support and downtown maintenance.  CSL’s evaluation also included broad cost, financial return and management initiatives associated with the various visitor industry investment opportunities.