Project Manager
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Joel Feldman has been with CSL’s convention and visitor industry services practice since 2006.  Joel’s experience as Project Manager or Lead Analyst through nearly 100 studies has included in-depth analysis for a wide variety of visitor-generating facilities including convention centers, conference centers, hotels, multipurpose event centers, arenas, performing arts centers, fairgrounds/exposition complexes, indoor and outdoor amateur sports complexes and other such facilities.  The result of Mr. Feldman’s work has included detailed reports on strategic business planning, operational and governance recommendations, facility and organizational funding recommendations, economic impact analyses and other cost/benefit analyses.


Mr. Feldman is directly responsible for conducting the outreach to current, past and potential new event facility user groups.  The insight gained through this exhaustive process, combined with the direct market research conducted, provides the necessary perspective for developing market supportable facility space programs, financial operating models and economic and fiscal impact projections.  Additionally, he has conducted numerous benchmarking and best practices analyses for managing and/or governing these event facilities and the organizations responsible for marketing them and the destination.