Our consultants provide in-depth information, creative solutions to underlying issues, a thorough analysis of financial implications, and various measurements of risk and return surrounding alternative courses of action, and our firm is able to provide these services by drawing upon over 120 years of cumulative experience from its professional staff.


CSL International Services

Market Analysis

The market analysis is one of the most important steps in evaluating the viability of project. All subsequent analyses depend upon the results of the market analysis. The market analysis as such is the cornerstone of the overall viability. We have developed a comprehensive approach to assess the market demand for various elements of project or concept. We develop an understanding of the potential opportunities and weakness as they relate to proposed project. Our approach includes a tailored primary and secondary evaluation of the specific market segments. Our professional consultants utilize a broad set of methods/approaches, including in-person interviews, intercept surveys, telephone surveys, web-based surveys, comparable market data research and a variety of other techniques to comprehensively evaluate market issues which could potentially impact the viability of a project or concept.

Financial Analysis

Our team has the ability to develop complex financial operating models based upon estimated levels of utilization, the building program and the various revenue and expense drivers developed in the market analysis. The financial analysis presents in a concise and understandable format the important variables that will impact the cash flow of the proposed facility, public and private sectors and tenants. The models developed by our professionals are often used to evaluate the viability of various funding plans and impact on the various constituents.

Economic Impact Analysis

Public assembly venues often include some level of public/private partnership. The determination of committing public dollars to a project is often dependent on an independent analysis of the benefits. Our team has the experience to provide an estimate of the quantitative and qualitative short and long-term economic and fiscal impacts of the construction and operations of any type project or program on a specific area. This analysis provides estimates of the direct spending, total output, employment, earnings and tax revenues generated by the project. Major issues such as displaced spending and reasonableness of the underlying assumptions are addressed in our approach.

Facility Funding Analysis

Each market and venue has a unique set of challenges to developing a viable funding plan. Based on our experience in the marketplace coupled with our relationships with the major investment banks, our team is able to identify funding alternatives that could be available to support facility development. This analysis can also be used to initiate the process of identifying prospective interest in all components of the financing plan and to evaluate the level of private or public sector funding that may be necessary. The financing analysis is often integrated with the financial and fiscal impact analysis.

Operations Analysis

The operations of stadiums, arenas, ballparks and convention centers have become increasingly complex with the new development and competition that has occurred over the past decade. Underperforming venues have a direct impact on the financial viability of a team or a community. Our team of experts includes professionals with direct venue operational experience. Our team is able to comprehensively evaluate the existing operations of venues, using benchmarking analysis, industry best practices and review of mission, policies, procedures, staffing and financial performance metrics.

Premium Seating Analysis

The development of new venues has increasingly included the implementation of various forms of premium seating. The available premium seating options has also increased dramatically has venues have looked to offer a different menu of options to a broad range of clients. Our team includes professionals who have successfully executed sales and marketing programs that have generated in excess of $3 billion in contractually obligated income. Our team is able to assist in the evaluation, market positioning, pricing, quantity, target markets and successful marketing of preferential amenities. Such amenities include private suites, club seating, priority seating, personal seat licenses, private clubs, and other concepts.

Negotiation Assistance

The development of a venue often involves a complex negotiation period between the public and private sector. Due to our extensive experience with these types of projects, we are often engaged by either the public or public sector to assist in reaching negotiated development and lease agreements. The types of agreements which we are often asked to assist with include facility management, naming rights, food serve, service contractors and other such parties. Our assistance typically includes a comprehensive review of other similar projects and the funding parameters and deal points for those projects. We typically utilize a comprehensive financial model developed in earlier stages of work, to determine the impact of various agreements.

Revenue Enhancement/Venue Renovation

The operations of a public assembly venue are often impacted by a number of variables including the development of other competitive venues, the local economic market as well as tenant performance. It is important to invest capital in new areas and technologies as the buildings age. Our team is able to identify and analyze creative options to enhance revenues. We rely on insight garnered through hundreds of industry engagements, proprietary financial database and tailored research and analysis tools.

Asset Valuation

Sports teams and public assembly venues often need to determine their value for a variety of reasons including setting a sales price, purchase price allocation for income tax purposes, determining appropriate assessed value for property tax purposes and other reasons. Our team has extensive experience valuing entities utilizing a variety of approaches including the income approach (discounted cash flow method, capitalization of free cash flow method), the market approach (primary market method, secondary market method), and the cost approach (accumulation method, liquidation method), etc.