In 2010, CSL was retained by the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau and the San Antonio Hospitality and Industry Strategic Planning Group to perform an update to destination planning services (Destination SA) previously conducted by CSL in 2006. Destination SA is a formal long-range Master Plan for the San Antonio visitor industry. The basic objectives of the Master Plan were to provide the community with strategies to: (1) enhance the attractiveness of the destination for visitors and residents; (2) protect and enhance the unique cultural and historical visitor industry infrastructure of the San Antonio destination; and (3) enhance the ability of the visitor industry to create significant economic benefits for the residents of San Antonio.


The planning and research efforts for Destination SA went well beyond a traditional master planning document by tying together relevant infrastructure, policy, organizational structures, resource allocation, investment and related elements that impact the tourism and visitor industry in San Antonio.


CSL research efforts included surveys of more than 1,500 leisure visitors and event planners via telephone, Internet and intercept survey instruments. Our efforts also included interviews with more than 60 San Antonio area stakeholders, public officials, visitor industry personnel, event facility managers, business leaders and local residents. Web-based surveys and focus groups were conducted with local visitor organizations (i.e. concierge and other service groups) and major travel writers. On-site analysis of all key visitor industry features in the broader San Antonio area was also conducted, and best practices analysis against major competitive and comparable destinations were provided.


In addition, CSL recently assisted the City of San Antonio with an expansion and improvement analysis for the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. This analysis provided recommendations regarding the type of facility growth and improvement which may be needed to maximize the Center’s competitive position within an increasingly competitive industry.