The Tulsa Chamber of Commerce retained CSL to perform a market, financial, and economic impact study for a new ballpark to replace Drillers Stadium, which served as the home of the Class AA Tulsa Drillers. CSL’s study developed two operating scenarios: one assuming the Drillers would play in the new ballpark; the second assuming a Class AAA team would relocate to the new facility. CSL analyzed several new Class AA and AAA ballparks and compared Tulsa’s demographics with those of markets hosting new ballparks to help assess the City’s ability to support a new ballpark, both at the AA and AAA levels. CSL also developed financial estimates under both scenarios and estimated the economic impact the ballpark could bring to the City.


In 2010, the $39.2 million, 7,833-seat ONEOK Field opened in downtown Tulsa as the new home of the Class AA Tulsa Drillers.