Michigan State University retained CSL to evaluate the demand for various premium seating options at Spartan Stadium. As part of the study, CSL conducted interviews and focus group sessions with University administrators, football supporters and corporate sponsors to identify key opinions, concerns and other issues related to the potential renovation. CSL also prepared estimates of the potential revenues and expenses resulting from a renovated stadium.

Subsequent to the completion of the CSL study, the Board of Regents approved a $64 million renovation of Spartan Stadium that included 24 luxury suites, 800 club seats, the “Grand Entrance” featuring high ceilings, glass walls, marble floors and a new home for the original Spartan statue, 18,000-square-foot luxury concourse, office space for the MSU alumni association and Spartan Athletic Office, state of the art recruiting lounge, upgraded stadium wide bathroom and concourse renovations and an increase of 3,000 seats.