CSL was hired by the Indianapolis Colts to serve as their advisor as it related to stadium development options. CSL provided the Colts with industry data regarding NFL market characteristics, attendance data, ticket prices, premium seating data, stadium funding case studies, team/stadium lease terms and other pertinent information. CSL also conducted extensive primary market research in order to determine the potential demand for suites and club seats in a renovated RCA Dome or a new stadium including surveys with existing ticket buyers and the corporate community. The survey data was also supplemented by focus group research. Based on the results of primary and secondary market research, CSL developed combined team/stadium financial pro formas for several scenarios, including a renovated stadium and a new stadium (open and domed). CSL then compared the results to the Colts’ existing operations to determine the potential incremental benefits of each stadium development scenario.


The $720 million, 62,421-seat retractable roof Lucas Oil Stadium opened in downtown Indianapolis in 2008.