CSL was retained by the Green Bay Packers to evaluate potential renovation options for Lambeau Field and possible revenue enhancement opportunities. As an initial step, CSL identified possible renovation concepts, including the addition of premium seating options, new advertising mediums and other options. CSL then evaluated the market demand for each of these concepts through surveys and focus groups. Based on the results of these analyses, CSL estimated the financial impact associated with each renovation concept relative to the potential development costs. After the successful referendum, CSL assisted the Packers in determining appropriate premium seating inventories and pricing. A $295 million renovation of Lambeau Field was completed in 2003.


More recenlty, the Packers hired CSL again to assist with market study for an additonal seating expansion in the stadium’s south end zone. In 2012, the Packers announced a $143 renovation/expansion of Lambeau Field that will add 7,000 seats in the south end zone.