CSL completed a study to determine the feasibility of a minor league ballpark and affiliated or independent minor league baseball team in Gwinnett County, Georgia (Atlanta suburb). The study included an analysis of the current minor league baseball system, the local market, the financial implications of the proposed ballpark/franchise, the economic and fiscal impacts generated to the local community by the ballpark/franchise, as well as an analysis of funding options. Estimates of potential annual event and attendance levels were developed for scenarios involving a both affiliated and independent league team scenarios. These event and attendance estimates were used to evaluate the financial and economic impact parameters of the ballpark/franchise. Lastly, CSL completed a funding analysis to identify possible funding sources available to finance the proposed ballpark.


The 10,475-seat Coolray Field was completed in 2009 at a cost of $64 million and is home to the Class AAA Gwinnett Braves, who relocated from Richmond, Virginia.