Without a clear and accurate understanding of market potential unique to a specific market and project, all later analysis of programmatic, financial, economic and implementation issues may be misdirected. As such, we utilize the most comprehensive set of research and analysis tools and techniques in the industry to comprehensively evaluate and estimate the unique market demand and potential for each project. Our methods have been employed and refined through hundreds of diverse projects over the past 20 years.

Building on market conclusions, FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC issues are often central to the consideration of facility development, performance enhancement, and economic development projects. Our extensive database of comparable projects collected over hundreds of engagements is a critical asset during our analysis of project financial and economic issues. Being consistently involved in many projects and transactions throughout North America allows our professionals to obtain knowledge of both tangible and intangible components of successful projects/transactions, the reasons for failed efforts, and changes in the marketplace affecting financial and economic characteristics.

IMPLEMENTATION is key to any successful project. Our professionals bring a wealth of industry-specific experience to every one of our engagements, delivering objective answers, creative solutions and focused recommendations to complex projects. We provide our clients with the detailed information they need to make informed decisions regarding project implementation.